S. N. Rao

S. N. Rao


“Sarraju Narasinga Rao, known as SNR, is a distinguished technology professional with a remarkable track record of over 30 years. With expertise spanning diverse technology areas, including high-performance compute, secure networking communications, and next-generation solar power systems, SNR has played a pivotal role in advancing numerous sectors, including defense, telecommunications, and rural energy access.”


Introducing Sarraju Narasinga Rao (SNR): Technology Expert and Catalyst for Healthcare Innovation

SNR excels in leading complex engineering programs, product management, and system architecture. His hands-on approach and meticulous attention to detail ensure the delivery of exceptional results at every stage. As a Director on the boards of Quadridge Technologies and Medifit Technologies, SNR leverages his expertise to drive innovation and guide strategic decision-making.

Beyond his board-level responsibilities, SNR is passionate about fostering technological innovation. He actively mentors a stealth startup dedicated to developing an indigenous and revolutionary EMV and PCI/PTS certified transaction processing device. SNR's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to cutting-edge solutions have positioned him as a catalyst for transformative change.

Prior to his current roles, SNR served as the CTIO of OMC Power Private Limited, where he spearheaded the transformation of the company into a 10 MW distributed renewable energy powerhouse. Under his leadership, OMC Power established a smart minigrid spanning 200 km, serving 200 telecom towers and benefiting one lakh rural consumers. SNR has also held key positions such as Chief Products Officer at Geodesic Limited and Senior VP of Product Management for Vihaan Networks.

SNR's journey in technology began as a Scientist in Defence R&D, focusing on parallel computing advancements. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Software from the Dept. of Computer Science & Systems Engineering AU Engineering College, Visakhapatnam. His innovative mindset and expertise are further underscored by a patent titled "System and method for detection of intrusion attacks on packets transmitted on a network.”

In his current role at Medifit, SNR leads the technology division, spearheading transformative initiatives to enhance healthcare outcomes. He harnesses cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations, optimize patient care, and drive innovation in the healthcare industry. SNR's visionary approach, unwavering dedication, and deep understanding of technology's potential in healthcare make him an invaluable asset to the Medifit team.

With SNR's guidance, Medifit is poised to redefine healthcare delivery, ensuring that patients receive the highest quality care and experience positive health outcomes. His commitment to advancing healthcare through technology underscores Medifit's mission to provide exceptional, patient-centric services that improve lives.

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