Dr. Rebecca Khan

Dr. Rebecca Khan

Exceptional Dentist

“Throughout her career, Dr. Khan has consistently demonstrated excellent communication and problem-solving skills, earning her a reputation as a trusted and compassionate dentist among her patients. Her unique ability to connect with patients, coupled with her empathetic and professional approach, ensures that each patient receives the highest quality care tailored to their specific needs.”


Introducing Dr. Rebecca Khan: Exceptional Dentist Committed to Optimal Oral Health Welcome to Medifit, where we are delighted to introduce Dr. Rebecca Khan, an accomplished dentist with a stellar track record of providing exceptional dental care and building strong patient relationships. With a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from M.A Ragoonwala College and Hospital of Dental Science & Research Centre in Pune, Dr. Khan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our esteemed team.

In addition to her clinical proficiency, Dr. Khan has garnered valuable non-clinical experience in the field of data analysis. Her role as a Medical Data Analyst at Vasta Bio-Informatics Pvt. Ltd allowed her to develop strong analytical skills and contribute to complex data abstraction and entry. This experience has equipped her with a data-driven mindset and enhanced problem-solving abilities, enabling her to deliver informed and precise dental care.

Dr. Khan's expertise extends to the realm of aligners, having worked as a Smile's expert dentist for a prominent aligner company. This invaluable experience has honed her skills in maintaining exceptional patient relationships, ensuring treatment compliance, and maximizing patient satisfaction. With comprehensive knowledge of 3D scanners, she seamlessly guides patients through the entire procedure, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of their treatment plans.

Committed to delivering the highest standard of care, Dr. Rebecca Khan remains dedicated to continuous professional development, keeping abreast of the latest advancements in dentistry. This commitment ensures that she can provide our valued patients with the most effective and innovative treatment options available.

With her excellent communication skills, patient-centric approach, and ability to leverage data analysis for enhanced decision-making, Dr. Rebecca Khan is devoted to creating a positive and comfortable dental experience for every patient at Medifit. Her exceptional clinical skills, compassionate demeanour, and unwavering commitment to ongoing learning make her an invaluable asset to our team.

At Medifit, Dr. Khan serves as an effective dentist, providing top-quality dental care while helping our patients achieve optimal oral health. We take great pride in having her expertise as part of our dedicated team, and we warmly invite you to experience the exceptional care she provides

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